Boats Built in Mahone Bay Area

The database below lists boats built in Mahone bay area was prepared and researched by John A Taylor and Graham Duncan and updated by Mahone Bay Museum staff as needed.

Mahone Bay’s boat building history begins with the Mi’kmaq. The Mi’kmaq were very skilled at building birch bark canoes and had been living in this area for over thirteen thousand years before Mahone Bay and Lunenburg were settled in 1753-1754 by “British Subjects” mostly from France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. For more information, visit our Town’s History page:

The British claimed this land as theirs and this particular area was ideal for sawmills due to vast amounts of timber and the two rivers emptying into the bay, which made for easy transport of logs to the sawmills. These sawmills established by the early settlers produced first-rate lumber for shipbuilding.

The earliest official registration form found for a vessel built in Mahone Bay dates from 1817. By 1850, at least 43 vessels had already been built by small shipyards in the Mahone Bay area and larger shipyards began being established to build mainly schooners and other smaller vessels, primarily for fishing and moving goods. As years passed, the trend was to build larger vessels for longer distance trading with the United States, West Indies,
and elsewhere.

By the end of WWI, there was no longer much demand for sailing vessels so the local shipyards began designing and building power vessels that used engines instead of sails for fishing and moving goods (including rum-running). Shipyards continued producing vessels during WWII. During this period, as many as 500 people were employed in Mahone Bay shipyards.

Although fishing vessels were still being built until 1967, after WWII the industry transitioned to mainly constructing pleasure boats. Fibreglass sailboats were built on the site of the present RPS Composites factory located at 740 Main Street, under several different company names, including Paceship Yachts. The final days of commercial boat building concentrated on the building of pleasure crafts. Mahone Bay Plycraft Co.
built thousands of laminated plywood “runabout” boats from 1949-1962. Commercial shipbuilding in the Town of Mahone Bay wrapped up around 1975, when the last fibreglass yachts were built at Paceship.

Below is a short description of the six major shipyards producing many large vessels that were active in the Mahone Bay area between 1850 – 1942. For more information on these shipyards, look for the small blue and white signs at each of their locations or contact us at

In 1901, Obed Ham established his shipyard on Main Street, just down the harbour from the Ernst yard. The yard focused on the design and production of custom-built pleasure craft, ranging from a 16-foot catboat to a 128-foot yacht. Ham retired in 1932 after building over 400 vessels. Obed Ham, written up in his time as “the genius of Mahone”, was Nova Scotia’s first builder of pleasure yachts, a trend that continued in Mahone Bay
until 1975 when Paceship Yachts closed.

Abraham Ernst’s first recorded ship was built in 1888. His shipyard was located near the corner of the Fauxburg Road and Main Street in front of where the RPS Composites factory is today. Primarily building vessels for the fisheries and cargo, including some designed specifically for rum-running, the yard operated until 1942, during which time it built at least 100 ships.

John Zwicker, brother of Elkanah, began operation in 1862, in a location adjacent to the present-day town wharf. It is claimed that the yard built a total of 148 vessels, however to date only 51 registration forms have been found for vessels built by John H. Zwicker. One of his vessels was said to be the largest ever constructed in Mahone Bay, the 1200 ton (183 feet) full-rigged ship Kinburn, in 1873. The yard closed in 1906 and was purchased by John McLean in 1917.

John McLean established his yard in 1865 (however, registrations for vessels have only been found starting in 1900). It was located between Maders Wharf and the presentday town wharf. John McLean earned his master shipbuilder credentials at the age of 21. Upon John’s death in 1910, his sons carried on the business, expanding by buying the John H. Zwicker yard in 1917, and went on to build 74 ships until 1959.

The first commercial shipyard in Mahone Bay was established in 1850 by Elkanah Zwicker and sold in 1862 to Titus Langille. Between 1866 and 1889, Langille built 22 vessels. The shipyard was located near the Michael O’Connor Memorial Bandstand on Main Street near the parking lot of the Independent grocery store.

Founded in 1884, Henry Schnare’s yard was located on the harbour between the St. James Anglican and St. John’s Lutheran churches. A relatively small operation, it produced approximately 24 vessels from 1888 to 1911, ranging from 22 to 100 tons (approx. 50 to 90 feet long). The ships had to be launched laid over on their sides due to the shallow waters
of the Bay.

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Gross Tons
NS Ref. #/ Source
Lively1804UnknownSchoonerAuthors Brian tennyson & Wilma Stewart White Page 36Images of our past, Historic Mahone Bay
Mary Ann1817UnknownSchooner4639Owner George Westhoeffer Lunenburg, Registered Port of Halifax Built Mahone BayNS78
Ann1824UnknownSchooner37Lost at Little Harbour 1833, registered Port of Halifax. Owners William Watts and William MartinNS400
Britannia1829Young, JohnSchooner4232Launched Oct. 1, 1829, Sold to Henry Hawbolt of Chester 1831, Registry HalifaxNS403
Mahone Bay Packet1829Begin, JamesSchooner5261James Begin Master, Registered Henry Hawbolt Launched 15th Day Sept. 1829, Sold at Estate March 1832(NS401) NS Registry of Shipping 1866 (H829145)
Lady1831Rykard, JohnSchooner3116Launched Sept.4th, 1830, John Rykard Owner, sold to Casper Mysner, George Conrad, L Mysner(NS404) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Mary Ann1831UnknownSchooner50Registered Owner Geo. Eisenhauer, POR HalifaxNS
Harmony1832UnknownSchooner4645Museum SpreadsheetH832153
Mary Ann1832Legge, Benjamin Schooner3750Launched Dec. 1831, sold Jan. 1836NS405
Mermaid1832Mader, George Schooner4132Registered Port of Halifax. Cancelled and sold 1846, George Mader Master. John McNab Registered OwnerNS402
Royal Adelaide1832UnknownSchooner49Registered Owner William Henery Tidmarch et al, POR HalifaxNS
Three Sisters1834UnknownSchooner4937Mahone Bay SpreadsheetH834190
Fair Lady1836UnknownSchooner4126Mahone Bay SpreadsheetH836115
Lively1836UnknownSchooner21Registered Owner Henry Lawrence, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Farewell1837UnknownSchooner27Registered Owner John Cole et el, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Royal William1837UnknownSchooner20Registered Owner S. Corkum, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Sarah & Ellenor1837UnknownSchooner3720Register Owner George Eisenhauer, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866 (H838010) Mahone Bay Museum Spreadsheet
Ostrich1838UnknownSchooner38Registered Owner Andrew Walker, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Queen Victoria1838UnknownSchooner4528H838259 Mahone Bay Museum Spresdsheet
Isadore1839UnknownSchooner22NS Registry of Shipping 1866 (H840047) Mahone Bay Museum Spreadsheet
John & Lousia Wallace1839UnknownSchooner33Registered Owner John Nause, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866 (H839312) Mahone Bay Museum Spreadsheet
Two Sisters1839UnknownSchooner16Registered Owner John Hiltz et al., POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Victory1839UnknownSchooner24Registered Owner Peter Oxner et al., POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Hope1840UnknownSchooner17Registered Owner Samuel Cartile, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Hope1840UnknownSchooner21Registered Owner George Zwicker, POR HalifaxBW Bulletin, NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Victoria1840UnknownSchooner33Registered Owner George LangilleNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Lord Exmouth1841UnknownSchooner4743MBM Spreadsheet H841194
James William1841Hiltz, Frederick Schooner41Hiltz"s Ship Yard was located at Clearland Registered Owner William Ernst et al, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Well Done 1841UnknownSchooner4326H841135 Mahone Bay Museum Spreadsheet
Cherub1841UnknownSchooner5446H841172 Mahone Bay Museum Spreadsheet
Abigail1842UnknownSchooner53Registered Owner Geo. Herritt, Port of registry HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Defiance1842UnknownSchooner26Registered Owner John Strachan, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Industry1842UnknownSchooner21Registered Owner John Burgoine, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Mary Ann1842UnknownSchooner33Registered Owner John Knock, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
British Queen1843UnknownSchooner27Registered Owner Peter Ross, Registered HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Alexander1843UnknownSchooner4743Date registered 1851, H843189, MBM spreadsheet
Centurion1843UnknownSchooner29Registered Owner Frederick Ernst et el, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Linnet1843UnknownSchooner38Registered Owner Michael Suttis, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Prince Albert1844UnknownSchooner40Registered Owner Benj. Mader et al, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Eliza Ann1844UnknownSchooner5755H844171 MBM Spreadsheet
Unicorn1844UnknownSchooner4844Date Registered 1850, C850018, MBM Spreadsheet
Union1844UnknownSchooner35Registered Owner Thomas Perry, POR ShelburneNS Registry of Shipping 1866
James Farewell1845UnknownSchooner4828H845205, MBM Spreadsheet
George Farewell1845UnknownSchooner4828Registered Owner William Lawson, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
John Henry1845UnknownSchooner34Registered Owner James McNab, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Sandwich1845UnknownSchooner31Registered Owner William B. CobbNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Cinard1846UnknownSchooner6475H846167 MBM Spreadsheet
Zenobia1846UnknownSchooner5045H846103 MBM Spreadsheet
Hibernia1846UnknownSchooner5556H846188 MBM Spreadsheet
Regina1846UnknownSchooner4126H846063, MBM Spreadsheet
Caroline1846UnknownSchooner44Registered Owner Frederick Ernst et el, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Success to Fisherman1846UnknownSchooner4645H846085 MBM Spreadsheet
Cinara1846UnknownSchooner4834H851008 Mahons Bay Museum Spreadsheet
Cleary1847UnknownSchooner35Registered Owner Richard Harris, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Janthe1847UnknownSchooner5243H847217 MBM Spreadsheet
Haligonian1847UnknownSchooner4745H847190 MBM Spreadsheet
Cruiser1847UnknownSchooner36Registered Owner William Crooks, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Eagle1847UnknownSchooner4229William Smeltzer, Master/OwnerNS018
Humming Bird1847UnknownSchooner49Registered Owner John Taylor et el, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Welcome Return1848UnknownSchooner48Registered Owner Rupert G. Zwicker. POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Only Son1849UnknownSchooner46Registered Owner John Hawes, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Celerity1849UnknownSchooner4539H849078 MBM Spreadsheet
Celebrity1849UnknownSchooner4948H864002 MBM Spreadsheet
Sara Ann1849UnknownSchooner4536NS001
Ocean Queen1850UnknownSchooner5641H85 MBM Spreadsheet0052
Bluenose1850UnknownSchooner6056Casper Eisenhauer / Peter Eisenhauer Original owner James Moody et el, POR YarmouthNS007
Sarah Ann1850UnknownSchooner4533NS003
Abigail1852UnknownSchooner5053Capt. Charles Smith Lunenburg, Date of Construction 1841NS015
Cruiser1852UnknownSchooner4436John Conrad, MasterNS013
Golden Rule1852UnknownSchooner78Registered Owner Conrad West et al, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Kossuth1852Young, George Schooner5052NS016
Royal William1852UnknownSchooner3920Stephen Corkum, MasterNS014
Catherine1853Hiltz, MichaelSchooner4421Wrecked in the West Indies 1867, Peter Vienot Master OwnerNS019
Golden Rule1853UnknownSchooner41NS017
Nave1853Mader, Isaac Schooner5846NS022
Sarah1853UnknownSchooner38Registered Owner John Duffus et al, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Wave1853UnknownSchooner41Registered Owner I & W LeVesconte, POR ArichatNS Registry of Shipping 1866
British Queen1854UnknownSchooner4729NS024
Alma1855Zwicker, FrancisSchooner4733NS026
President1855Young, George Schooner6469NS01
Queen of the West1855Hiltz, JohnBrigantine90129Henry Keddy, Nathaniel L. West, POR Halifax(NS07) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Trial1855UnknownSchooner43Registered Owner George Eisener, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Allen A Chapman1856UnknownSchooner8099NS08
Prince Consort1857UnknownSchooner5638Registered Owner S. Beck, et al., POR Lunenburg(NS10) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Rosana1857UnknownSchooner39Registered owner Frederick Conrad, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Seaman's Pride1857UnknownSchooner80108NS09
Sea Slipper1858UnknownSchooner41Date Unknown, Shipping NewsBridgewater Bulletin
Ellen1859Strum, PeterSchooner53Joshua Kaulbach / Casper SchwartzNS008
Golden Eagle1859UnknownSchooner43Registered Owner George Smeltzer et al, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Jolly Tar1859UnknownSchooner35Registered Owner George Garrison, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Louisa Agnes1859UnknownSchooner6250Registered Owner Josiah Slauenwhite, POR Halifax(NS12) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Rosanada1859UnknownSchooner5839Registered Owner Frederick Moser, POR LunenburgNS11
Active1860UnknownSchooner3815Registered Owner James Meisner, Port of Registry Lunenburg(NS16) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Ada Ann1860UnknownSchooner4922John Hebb Jr., Owner(NS13) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Glide1860UnknownSchooner6250William Conrad & Robert Lord, Owners(NS14) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Lady Speedwell1860UnknownSchooner53Registerede Owner Jesse Heckman, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Sea Lilly1860UnknownSchooner49Registered Owner John Kaulback et al, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Tropic Bird1860Young, PeterSchooner6146Registered Owner Peter Young, POR Lunenburg(NS15) NS Register of Shipping 1866
Debel1861UnknownSchooner6142Jacob Smeltzer M.O. Mahone Bay(NS209) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Delight1862Zwicker, John H. Schooner?48Owner William Zwicker, POR Lunenburg(NS255) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
James Henry1862UnknownSchooner22Registered Owner W.J. Boutilier, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Rise and Go1862UnknownSchooner34Registered Owner Edward Hiltz, POR LunenbergNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Friend1863UnknownSchooner88Registered Owner J.M.Watson, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Argo1864UnknownBrigantine165Registered owner George Duncan, Port of Registry LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Bravo1864UnknownSchooner56Registered Owner John O'Brian, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Flash1864UnknownSchooner40Registered Owner Nathaniel Strum, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Mirella1864UnknownBrigantine32Registered Owner Benj. W. Salter, POR Halifax. With Low tonnage I question as Schooner JAT Not BrigNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Nimble1864UnknownSchooner59Registered Owner L.&S.S.Zinck et al., POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Our Maggie1864UnknownSchooner99Registered Owner Thomas Crowell, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Silver Arrow1864Ernst (Possibly) Schooner6238Registered Owner Frederick Ernst et el, POR Lunenburg(NS21) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Brisk1865UnknownSchooner32Registered Owner Reuban Vienot et al, POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Mai1865UnknownSchooner71Registered Owner John Copping, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Quickstep1865UnknownSchooner40Registered Owner James B. Ernst et al., POR LunenburgNS Registry of Shipping 1866
Robert Noble1865UnknownSchooner83Registered Owner, Robert G. Noble, POR Halifax( BW Bulletin) NS Registry of Shipping 1866
Busy1866UnknownBarquentine300Registered Owner J.M.Watson, POR HalifaxNS Registry of Shipping 1866 Appendix
Busy William1866Zwicker, John H. Schooner9365Registered Owner Zwicker and EisenhauerNS032
E. Vienot1866UnknownSchooner5724John McLean M.O., E Vienot Et alNS035
General Williams1866Zwicker, John H. Schooner4881Registered Owner Zwicker, Slaughenwhite and EisenhauerNS030
Gybe1866UnknownSchooner35Lohn's, Beck, et al Registered ownersNS Registry of Shipping 1866 Appendix
Harvest Home1866UnknownSchooner6868J.H.& J. Hiltz Registered OwnersNS029
Hector1866UnknownSchooner7364Registered Owners Duncan, Joudry et alNS031
Mayflower1866UnknownSchooner4064John Poole M.O Port Au Basque NfldNS24
Smiling Water1866UnknownSchooner6454Capt. Martin Wentzell M.O. RiverportNS027
Two Brothers1866Langille, TitusSchooner4016View a photo of this ship here:
Snow Queen1866UnknownSchooner6735NS033
Ella1867UnknownSchooner32Bridgewater Bulletin
J. H. Hiltz1868UnknownSchooner6655Built in Hiltz Point, MBNS249
Highland Lads1869UnknownSchooner3715NS043
Highland Lass1869UnknownSchooner15Bridgewater Bulletin
Maggie1870Zwicker, John H. Schooner94174See MBMS-4 Fonds here:
Dart1871UnknownSchooner5844Allan H. Crowe M.O. HalifaxNS050
Lillian1871UnknownSchooner41Bridgewater Bulletin
Marlinda Ann1871UnknownSchooner6453NS053
Sea Queen1871UnknownSchooner5941NS052
City Point1872Zwicker, John H. Schooner6248NS056
Kinburn1873Zwicker, John H. Ship12001200 Ton full rigged ship that carried 26 Sails wrecked in Gulf of St. Lawrence 1889Historic Mahone Bay "Images of out Past"
Mary A. D.1873UnknownSchooner90120NS058
Mary A. D.1873UnknownSchooner90120NS064
Snow Queen1873Zwicker, John H. Schooner7154NS057
Village Queen1874UnknownSchooner4824NS059
Hilda C.1875Ovres, MarcusSchooner97135Chester -builtNS69
Susie E. Smith1875UnknownSchooner6963Thomas Smith M.O. New Dublin, Lost with all handsNS070
Acme1876Zwicker, John H. Schooner6452NS279
City Queen1876Zwicker, John H. Schooner6553NS276
Juventa1876UnknownSchooner38J.E.Redden M.O. ChesterBridgewater Bulletin
Lily A. W.1876UnknownSchooner6352NS280
Luventa1876UnknownSchooner5237James ReddenNS282
Mystic Tie1876UnknownSchooner41Capt. D Shales Port LaTourBridgewater Bulletin
Seaway1876Zwicker, John H. Schooner5848NS283
Sunbeam1876Zwicker, John H. Schooner7168Capt. Benj. Hamm M.O.NS073
Champion1877UnknownSchooner6054Benj. Mason M.O. Mahone BayNS285
Gold Hunter1878Langille, TitusSchooner5441NS291
Mary E. McDougal1878Zwicker, John H. Schooner87118Rebuilt 1896 in GuysboroughNS759
J. W. Russell1879UnknownSchooner6253NS293
Milford Guy1879UnknownSchooner6460NS203
Milford Guy1879UnknownSchooner6460NS294
Josephine W.1880UnknownSchooner6659NS207
Olive Branch1880Pickels, William Schooner86149NS243
Olive Branch1880UnknownSchooner86149NS206
Albert M.1881UnknownSchooner94159NS215
Henrietta1881Zwicker, John H. Schooner83115NS248
Ocean Friend1881UnknownSchooner6978NS208
Laylla1882Langille, TitusSchooner83101NS232
Leo1882Langille, TitusSchooner97162NS782
Leo1882Langille, TitusSchooner94165NS222
Aubry A.1883Langille, TitusSchooner81107NS233
Charlotte E. C.1883Langille, TitusSchooner7479NS226
Druid1883Zwicker, John H. Schooner7795NS229
Eva L. H.1883Langille, TitusSchooner6562NS231
Flora1883Langille, TitusSchooner5841NS227
Golden Arrow1883Pickels, William Schooner4627NS230
Leylla1883Langille, TitusSchooner83101NS247
New England1883Zwicker, John H. Schooner6455NS223
Pembina1883Zwicker, John H. Schooner7693NS228
Pleroma1883Langille, TitusSchooner81103NS225
Scylla1883Langille, TitusSchooner83102NS253
Virgin Belle1883Zwicker, John H. Schooner6554NS224
Clyde1884Langille, TitusSchooner100236NS246
D. A. Mader1884Zwicker, John H. Schooner7385NS236
Energy1884Langille, TitusSchooner7897NS237
Energy1884Langille, TitusSchooner7897NS271
Floresta1884Zwicker, John H. Schooner6356NS238
LaHave Packet1884Pickels, William Schooner6639NS244
Lettie M. Hardy1884Pickels, William Schooner7897NS239
Lion1884Zwicker, John H. Schooner89146NS242
Lohonus ?1884Langille, TitusSchooner7694NS241
Mahone1884Zwicker, John H. Schooner96160NS245
Senovar1884Zwicker, John H. Schooner7679NS235
Vergilia ?1884Langille, TitusSchooner7694NS240
Niagara1886Langille, TitusSchooner6874NS251
Nicanor1886Zwicker, John H. Barquentine140463NS252
Heloise1887Zwicker, John H. Schooner6981NS254
C. A. Chisholm1888Burgoyne, David E.Schooner7381NS257
C. A. Ernst1888Ernst, Abraham Schooner6256NS262
C. U. Mader1888Langille, TitusSchooner7685NS260
Carrie C.W.1888Zwicker, John H. Schooner7692NS258
Carrie M. C.1888Schnare, Henry Schooner5339NS256
Sea Slipper1888UnknownSchooner5940NS048
Valenar1888Zwicker, John H. Schooner7383NS259
Y. W. Langille1888Langille, TitusSchooner7071NS261
Altona1889Langille, TitusSchooner6667NS267
Argo1889Schnare, Henry Schooner6254NS268
Joseph McGill1889McGill, JosephSchooner8199NS264
Laura C. Zwicker1889Zwicker, John H. Schooner7185NS263
Nicanos1889Zwicker, John H. Schooner6979NS269
Otto1889Zwicker, John H. Schooner4186NS265
White Cloud1889Langille, TitusSchooner7195NS270
Yeronia1889Zwicker, John H. Schooner7177NS266
Bessie L1890Schnare, Henry Schooner5549NS25
D. Cronan1890Schnare, Henry Schooner6459NS26
Prussia1890Langille, PeterBrigantine128362Pg 37 Historic Mahone Bay indicates Peter Langille BuiltNS28
Ravenswood1890Zwicker, John H. Barquentine146524NS29
Robert C. Bruhm1890Ernst, Abraham Schooner5961NS27
C.U. Mader1891UnknownSchooner7788NS31
Lunenburg1891UnknownSteam screw sch.125265NS34
Snow Queen1891Zwicker, John H. Schooner6367NS32
Alice1892UnknownSchooner120248Glace Bay Mining Co.NS38
Florence1892Schnare, Henry Schooner4529NS36
Irene M. B.1892Schnare, Henry Schooner6766NS37
Lizzie1892UnknownSchooner120245Glace Bay Mining Co.NS40
Mabel1892UnknownSchooner120247Glace Bay Mining Co.NS41
Millie L.E.1892UnknownSchooner6465Fred Zwicker, Master/A. Ernst, OwnerNS39
R. Beatrice1892Schnare, Henry Schooner4119NS35
Rob S.1892Schnare, Henry Schooner4221NS42
Abeona1893Zwicker, John H. Schooner149499Owner Died May 25, 1907, Rupert S. Kaulbach Execteur, re-sold to consortium of owners and length was re-registered as 134 and tons as 579NS56, NS44
Maggie E. C.1893UnknownSchooner4120Owners: David & George CoveyNS43
Albatross1894Zwicker, John H. Schooner4426NS49
Annie1894Schnare, Henry Schooner3916NS57
Blanche A. Colp1894UnknownSchooner8696NS45
Genevieve1894Zwicker, John H. Schooner8296NS50
Elva M.1895Zwicker, John H. Schooner7992NS53
Emily L.1895UnknownSchooner3510NS55
Jennie Mary1895UnknownSchooner7788NS54
Flo F. Meader1896Zwicker, John H. Schooner92100Ran aground Westhaver's Isl. Jan. 1923NS59
Unique1896Zwicker, John H. Schooner9395NS58
Daisy Linden1898Zwicker, John H. Schooner9197NS62
Hattie1899Schnare, Henry Schooner8688NS63
Lottie May1899Schnare, Henry Schooner6040NS67
Mildred1899Zwicker, John H. Schooner94121NS65
Roc1899Zwicker, John H. Schooner8486NS64
Torata1899Schnare, Henry Schooner8798NS66
Clara1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner98133NS81
Deeta M.1900McLean, JohnSchooner7991Built for Capt. James C. Lantz of Clearland N.S. Launched April 1900NS79, Note 6
Hazel B. Mosher1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner8081NS75
J. W. Mills1900Schnare, Henry Schooner8285NS71
Kuvera1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner90111NS80
Loyal1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner94113NS82
New Era1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner95134NS76
Nimbery1900Zwicker, John H. Schooner91103NS77
Ungava1900Burgoyne, David E.Schooner8895NS70
Vernie May1900Zwicker, John H. Schooner8384NS73
Alhambra1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner8899NS86
Carl E. Richard1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner97129NS303G
Cyril1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner93114NS83
Defender1901Ham, ObedSchooner95109NS93
Edyth1901Zwicker, John H. Schooner120226NS95
Grofton McLeod1901McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner8395Launched April 1901, Ref: Historic Mahone Bay Pg 45, Built for Capt. Avard Westhaver Mader's Cove NSNS91, Note 6
Harold1901Zwicker, John H. Schooner90123NS90
Hazel L. K.1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner8897NS85
Linus A.1901Ham, ObedSchooner7670NS96
Mariner1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner95116NS92
Mizpah1901Schnare, Henry Schooner93114NS88
T.A.Mahone1901Burgoyne, David E.Schooner7064NS94
W.L.Wynot1901Zwicker, John H. Schooner90123NS87
Australia1902McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerBuilt for Capt. Joshua Smeltzer Martin's Brook NS, Launched April 1902Note 6
Coronation1902Ham, ObedSchooner96Lost Leading Tickles NfldUnknown
Earl. V.S.1902Burgoyne, David E.Schooner93114Sold to Dutch West Indies on June 13, 1919Ralph Getson
Erema1902Schnare, Henry Schooner172Settlers Museum
Florance M Munsey1902McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerBuilt for William Munsey Victoria BC, Launched October 1902Note 6
Grilse1902Ham, ObedSchooner109124Unknown
Iona W.1902Schooner85Missing since December 6, 1913 – Registry closed December 30, 1913 – Owner Abraham Ernst of Mahone Bay #30762
Julie Plante1902Ham, ObedSchooner62Broken Uuo 1911Unknown
Melba1902Schnare, Henry Schooner61Settlers Museum
Amphitrite1903Larder, Clarence A. Steam110252Steamship, screw prop., ketch rig Vessel Ran aground La Have Riv. Total WreckNS824
Markland1903McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerBuilt for Capt. George Begin of Mahone Bay, Launched April 1903Note 6
Oressa Belle1903Burgoyne, David E.Schooner105Net Tons 95, Driven Ashore Nfld Nov. 29, 1919, Total Loss Micro Film Reel C2439 P20Library and Archives Canada
Tribune1903Schnare, Henry Schooner22Settlers Museum
Maggie Belle1904Zwicker, John H. Brigantine101134Burned to waterline Mar. 17, 1917 at St. Michaels, Azores, Ref. and picture in Historic Mahone Bay Page 40View a photo of this ship here: Mahone Bay "Images of out Past"
Mahone1904Ham, ObedSchooner127Rebuilt in Burgeo Nfld, ended up as a Ferry in Riv. Du LoupHistoric Society Riv. Du Loup
Rita H.1904Ham, ObedSteamer/screw.4011Broken Up 1927NS795
Florence B.W.1905Schnare, Henry Schooner4624NS198
Gladys M. Smith1905Schnare, Henry Schooner5530NS199
J. McRae1905Zwicker, John H. Schooner?89NS201
Olive Evans1905Schnare, Henry Schooner7477NS196
Wilfred H1905McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerInformation not verified except note 6Note 6
Winnifred1905Wagner, IsaiahSchooner102133NS200
Euina H.1906Wagner, IsaiahSchooner7371NS756
Grace Darling1906Schnare, Henry Schooner6663Ref: Master Ralph Getson's great uncle "Rum Runner"Stranded in Glace Bay 1911CHIN
Margaret S.1906Schnare, Henry Schooner6663NS758
Meanoa1906Haur, Etta E. (?)Schooner6034NS757
Millie Louise1906Zwicker, John H. Schooner8589NS754
Petite1906Schnare, Henry Schooner6561NS755
Barge1907McLean & Sons, JohnBargeBuilt for C.L.Newman of Halifax NS, Launched November 1907Note 6
Elva Blanche1908Ernst & SonsSchooner93100NS765
Goldie Belle1908Ernst, Abraham Schooner8899NS760
Jessie Gertrude1908Ham, ObedSchooner4617NS761
Minnie M. Mosher1908Zwicker, A . Clairmont Schooner9087NS762
Northern Messenger1908Ham, ObedSchooner4417Stranded St Augustine Isl. Labrador Ocy. 1916, Total LossNS763
Arkona1910Ernst, Abraham Schooner98183Pic available JAT fileNS771
Evelyn V. Miller1910Mader, Charles U. Schooner109128NS769
Kinburn1910Ernst, Abraham Schooner104162NS772
A. G. Eisnor1911Ernst & SonsSchooner92115NS774
Ada M. Westhaver1911Ernst & SonsSchooner114135Later renamed ABUNDANCE re port of St. John's. Picture and file MMA re H PiersNS780
Albert A. Young1911McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner94115Built for Capt. Wallace Sarty, Launched 1911NS781, Note 6
Araucania1911Ernst & SonsSchooner103120NS783
Marguerite H.1911Schnare, Henry Schooner7581NS778
Natoma1911McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner110115Built for Cap. Conrad of Rose Bay NS, Launched April 1911, LOK 68', LOA 110'x24'.9×9'.9"NS775, Note 6
Nita M. Conrad1911Ernst, Abraham Schooner102117NS776
Otokia1911Ernst & SonsSchooner96114NS777
Alfarata1912Ernst & SonsSchooner103120Supervisor Fred Burgoyne, Rigged F.D. MaderNS786
Frank J. Brinton1912McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner96115Built for Capt. William Gilfoy of Blue Rocks NS, Launched April 1912NS785
Hopper Scow1912McLean & Sons, JohnHopper ScowBuilt for Beazley brothers Halifax NS, Launched Sept. 1912Note 6
Margery Mahaffy1912McLean Const.Schooner116177NS815
Vera E. Himmelman1912McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner109129Built for Capt. John Himmelman,NS787, Note 6
W. H. Smith1912Ernst & SonsSchooner103121NS784
Casago No. 21913McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerSardine Schooner, Built for Viper Companyof Pictou NS, Launched Sept. 1913Note 6
H. H. MacIntosh1913McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner108128Built for Capt. Frank Wynacht of W.C. Smith and Co. Lunenburg NS, Launched Spring 1913NS791, Note 6
Mary F. Flemming1913Ernst & SonsSchooner104122NS789
Norma P. Coolen1913McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner104123Built for Seybert Coolen of Hubbards NS, Launched October 28, 1913NS793, Note 6
Pasadina1913Ernst & SonsSchooner102119NS788
Viola May1913Ernst & SonsSchooner114124NS792
Aranoka1914McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner98117Built for Capt. Wallace Sarty, Launched 1914NS794, Note 6
Elsie Birdett1914Ernst & SonsSchooner102118NS797
Gerica1914Strum & Sons, Allan Steamer/screw.379NS796
Helen M. Coolen1914McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner98117Built for Lindey Coolen of Hubbards, Launched Oct. 1914, Added steam screw 1920NS798, Note 6
Marion Helena1915Ernst & SonsSchooner102119Banker SchoonerNS799
A. H. Whitman1916McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner98117Built for Robin, Jones and Whitman of Lunenburg NS, Launched April 1916NS802, Note 6
Atacama1916Ernst & SonsSchooner103124NS803
Lucille M. Schnare1916Ernst & SonsSchooner102121NS801
Mark H. Gray1916Ernst & SonsSchooner106128NS806
Norma L. Conrad1916Ernst & SonsSchooner102126NS804
Paloma1916Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner19281Reference from external sources
S.S. Rosina B1916McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerBuilt for Charles Brister of Halifax NS, Launched Oct. 1916Note 6
Agnes D. McGlashon1917Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner115162NS810
Jean Dundonald Duff1917Ernst & SonsSchooner123404NS809
Kinburn1917Zwicker, John H. Schooner1200Ref: Historic Mahone Bay Pg 39, Registration not foundUnknown
Lucille M. Schnare1917Ernst & SonsSchooner102121Torpeoded off Cape Canso 1918NS807
M/V Ragus1917McLean & Sons, JohnBuilt for Acadia Sugar Refinery of Halifax, NS, Launched Sept. 6, 1917, Sank Halifax Hbr. Dec. 6, 1917 Halifax ExplosionNote 6
Mildred Adams1917McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner114163Built for Adams and Knickle of Lunenburg NS, Launched July 1917NS808, Note 6
Alice M. Moulton1918Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner122234NS819
Bernard B. Conrad1918Ham, ObedSchooner114141NS820
Dazzle1918Ham, ObedSchooner105131NS816
John W. Miller1918McLean Const.Schooner122301Picture and info in Pg. 46 of Historic Mahone Bay Images of our past. Sank in heavy weather on Dec. 30, 1931NS818/Note 6
Madeline E. Adams1918Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner102123NS813
Margery Mahaffy1918McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerTern Schooner Built for M. Mahaffy, Launched April 11, 1918, Sold to Adams and Knickle Lunenburg NSNote 6
William Duff1918Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner142417NS817
Enid E. Legge1919Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner118272NS829
Ethlyn1919McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner128225Tern Schooner, Built for Adams and Knickle, Launched June 19, 1919NS825, Note 6
Francis E. Moulton1919Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner122242NS826
Hilma Pauline1919Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner112138NS822
John M. Wood1919McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner115313Tern Schooner , Built for M. Mahaffy, sold to Adams and Knickle Lunenburg NS, Launched June 19, 1918NS821, Note 6
Neva Bell1919Ham, ObedSchooner114147NS830
Richard B. Silver1919McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner123267Tern Schooner Built for Adams and Knickle, Launched Oct. 25, 1919, Later abandonedNS827, Note 6
Sir Donald1919Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner142412NS823
Cote Nord1920McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner125205Noted Rum Runner, Pg. 51 Historic Mahone Bay Images of our Past. Built for Northeast Trading Co. of Quebec, Launched May 6, 1920<a href="; target="_blank">Click here to view a photo</a>NS297, Note 6/ Sails of the Maritimes Pg 192
Daisy Marguerite1920Ham, ObedSchooner124162NS834
F. S. Burgoyne1920Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner130179Sold to Dutch West Indies on June 13, 1920, renamed Ave Maria.NS832
MacLean Clan1920McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner125283Tern Schooner, Built for Adams and Knickle of Lunenburg NS, Launched Oct. 15, 1920, Note 6 AND NS833
MacLean Clan1920McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner125283Purchased by US Navy and renamed Irene Forsyte IX-93 see registration
Raymonde1920Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner252Tern Schooner, sold to Foreign Interests, destined to French Fisheries, Pg 191 Sails of the MaritimesSails of the Maritimes
Patara1921Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner132180
Diamentina1922McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner113Built for Gifford Harnish of Hubbards NS, Launchede Sept. 9, 1922, LOA 113'.0 x 25'.3"x10'.4" Depth of holdNote 6
Dominion Packet1922Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner8794NS837
Gibb's Hill1923McLean & Sons, JohnPilot BoatLaunched June 25, 1923, for BermudaNote 6
Keno1923McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner125143Launched April 18, 1923, Lost at sea 1923, P308, 309 American Fishing Schooners Chapelle.NS839, Note 6
Nina M. Conrad1923Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner124159NS838
Paloma1923Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner122144NS300
Patome1923Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner121134NS840
Escadil1924Ham, ObedPleasure Yacht65?Pg 53 Historic Mahone Bay Picture and additional infoHistoric Mahone Bay
Mayotte1924Anders, SamuelSchooner122153NS295
Partanna1924Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner124172NS296
Restless1924McLean & Sons, JohnPleasure Yacht45'.9"Launched Sept. 2nd, Built for Ernest Bell of Halifax NS, LOA 45' 9", LWL 34' , Breath 12' 1", Draft 7' 2"Note 6
Vicenti1924McLean & Sons, JohnFishing Vessel100Red Snapper Fishing, Built for Lucio Zatica of Havana B.W.I., Launched Oct. 27, 1924, LOA 100'x24'x12'x13' draftNote 6
Christian Mustard1925Ham, Obed /WJH IsnorSchoonerDesigned by Ham, built by Isnor, Forced to sale and bought by Zwicker & Company, Capt. George HimmelmanRalph Getson News Clipping
Clarence J. Morrow1925Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner118141NS298
Dominion Shipper1925Burgoyne, Fred Pg 51 Images of our Past, Histoic Mahone BayHistoric Mahone Bay "Images of out Past"
Golden West II1925Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner114120Involved in Rum RunningHistoric Mahone Bay "Images of out Past"
Mahala1925McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner121151Launched Dec. 10, 1925, Built for Capt. Warren Knickle of Blue Rocks,Lost Aug.24, Gale 1927 all handsNS304
Marion & Emily1925McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner10594Launched July 23, 1925, Built for Capt. John Petite of Sydney NS, LOA 105'x22'x9' 8"NS302, Note 6
Mark H Gray1925Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner165Historic Mahone Bay "Images of out Past"
Renegaw1925Ham, ObedSchooner7076Motor, Pierless MarineNS303
Silvia Mosher1925McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner119142Launched May 26, 1925, Built for Capt. John Moser of Mosers Isl. NSNS299, Note 6
Managua1926Burgoyne, Fred Schooner118149NS305
Palitana1926Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner120153NS307
Pont De Canseau1926McLean & Sons, JohnFerry BoatLaunched July 21926, Built for NS Government.Note 6
Robert Esdale1926McLean & Sons, JohnSchoonerLaunched Oct. 7, 1926, Built for Capt. Allen Mosher of Moshers Isl. NSNote 6
Canadian Tugs (CT)1927Industrial ShippingTugs23 Tug Boats Built for WW2 EffortUnknown
Dominion Malsyd1927Ernst ShipbuildingSchooner124227Registration 154403, Rum Runner. POR LunenburgMMA/
M/V Harbour Trader1927McLean & Sons, JohnLaunched Dec. 4, 1927, Built for Standard Sreamship Co.Ltd. Rum Runner Registeres Jan. 1928 Photo MMA USA Customes took overNote 6/ Rum Runner
Name not recorded1927McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner70Launched April 6, 1927, Built for H.W.Inglis of Port Elgin NB, LOA 70'.0"x15'xD9'.7"Note 6
Nova 11928Ernst Shipbuilding and SonSchooner5851Rum Runner, Burned on Sept. 6/29 Between Devels Is. And Chebucto Head. L 57.6, B17.3, D9, ERL 12.6MMA/D.A.Walker
Sir Charles Tupper1928McLean & Sons, JohnFerry BoatLaunched July 10, 1928, Built for NS Govt. LOA 100', LWL 90' Breath outside 29' Debth 9'.9"Note 6
Gloria May1929McLean & Sons, JohnSchooner130LOA 130'.0 x 26'.6" x 10'.6", Launched June 29, 1929, Built for Captain M.J.Parks of LaHave NSNote 6
Isle Madame1929Ernst ShipbuildingFerryHistoric Mahone Bay
Repulse1929McLean & Sons, JohnInspection BoatBuilt for Revillon Bros. of Montreal, Capt. Berte, Launched June 1929, sent to Hudsons BayNote 6
CANUSA1930Ernst Ship Building and SonsSchooner2 Masts not rigged, Rum RunnerMMA/David Walker
M/V OK Service II1930McLean & Sons, JohnLaunched April 3, 1930, Built for Captain Seth Himmelman of LaHave NSNote 6
M/V Shulamite1930McLean & Sons, JohnCargo Boat122105Built for New York Parties, Launched Oct. 13, 1930, LOA 111'.3"x20'.6"x9'.3.5", Name Changed to Nordica. Rum RunnerNote 6/ David Walker
M/V Yamaska1930McLean & Sons, John125100Built for Capt. George Backman of Riverport NS, Launched Dec. 17, 1929, L 100 ft, B 19.6, D 9.7, ERL 18Note 6
Marvita1930McLean & Sons, JohnCargo Boat122105Rum Runner Capt. Arthur Himmilman,Registered Oct. 22, 1930.,POR Lahave NSHistoric Mahone Bay Pg 69/ MMA
Nova III1930Ernst Ship Building and SonsSchooner9090Rum Runner, L90, B 18, D 8.4, ERL 13MMA/David Walker
Reo1930Ernst Ship Building and SonsSchooner96Registered Aug. 2, 1935, Eliptical Stern, Rum RunnerMMA/ David Walker
M/V OK Service III1931McLean & Sons, John118105Built for Capt. Seth Himmelman of LaHave NS, Launched March 7, 1931, Rum RunnerNote 6/ David Walker
Jacqueline M1932Ernst and Son161408Rum Runner, L 161, B 30, D 12, ERL 26, Engine Speed 12 KtsMMA/ David Walker
M/V Venning1934McLean & Sons, JohnBuilt for Dept. of Fisheries finished Jan. 1934Note 6
Hopper Scow1935McLean & Sons, JohnHopper ScowBuilt for Public Works Dept.Launched April 1935Note 6
Lady Laurier Surf Boat1935McLean & Sons, JohnSurf Rescue BoatNote 6
Sable Isl. Surf Boat1935McLean & Sons, JohnSurf Rescue BoatNote 6
Marjorie Ruth1936William HeislerTancook Schooner36Wooden Boat Magazine
Haldart1941Clarence R. HeislerFerry – Cape Islander46Capable of carrying up to 90 passengers and stoutly built of one and a quarter pine over steam bent oak framesPhoto in MBMS-65 for on-site viewing only due to copyright issuesWooden Boat Magazine article Sept/Oct 1998 page 39
WW II #11942Industral ShippingFairmileBuilt for Dept. of Defence ProductionNote 6
WW II #21942Industral ShippingFairmileBuilt for Dept. of Defence ProductionNote 6
WW II1943Industral ShippingMine SweeperBuilt for Dept. of Defence ProductionNote 6
WW II1943Industral ShippingMine SweeperBuilt for Dept. of Defence ProductionNote 6
O.K. Service VIII1944Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Built for Ernest HimmelmanNote 6
S.S. Shatford1944Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Motot LaunchBuilt for Imperial Oil LimitedNote 6
Tanac V-2541944Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Pic pg 57 Historic Mahone BayHistoric Mahone Bay Pg 57
Halfish1945Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Fish DraggerBuilt for Halifax Fisheries Ltd. Of HalifaxNote 6
M.V. Hebron1945Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Built for Atlantic Freighting Co.Ltd. Waymouth N.S.View a photo of this ship here: 6
Dorothy Irene1946Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Fish DraggerLaunched March 19, 1946, Owners Halifax Fisheries Ltd. Of Halifax NSView a photo of this ship here: 6
M.V. Charles A. MacLean1946Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Built for Atlantic Freighting Co.Ltd. Waymouth N.S., Launched Oct. 12, 1946View a photo of this ship here: 6
M.V. Atlantic Trader1947Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Built for Atlantic Freighting Co. Ltd. And Launched June 21, 1947 Via Facebook: "I remember one Summer day when she arrived in my home village with a circus complete with exotic animals such as elephant and zebra. I was perhaps12 years old, quite a happening. This was a very large double-ender, 160 feet, later CARLISLE BAY. Also traded in Québec. This ship had an accident somewhere in the Caribbean and had to be partially rebuild. That is when they changed her name. She traded a few years on the St Laurent before being wrecked by fire about 1960."View a photo of this ship here: 6
Work Boat1947Mahone Bay Shipbuilding Ltd.Work Boat49Built for Mersey Paper Co. Ltd. Of Liverpool NSNote 6
Bett1948Clarence R. HeislerCruiser48Bett or The Bett – Built for Charles Fickes, Annapolis Royal or Bryan JosephView a photo of this boat here: Boat Magazine article Sept/Oct 1998 page 39
Calanus1948Industrial ShippingRescue Vessel49.530
Whitecap1950Clarence R. HeislerCutter?32Exact year built unknownWooden Boat Magazine article Sept/Oct 1998 page 39
Halhawk1951McLean & Sons, JohnFish Dragger116Launched May 21, 1951, Built for Halifax Fisheries Ltd., Halifax, NS. LOA 116'xbeam 24'x debth of hold 13'View a photo of this ship here: 6
Beothuk1952McLean & Sons, JohnFish DraggerBuilt for Beothuk Fishing Co. Ltd. Of River Port NS, Launched Feb. 17, 1952View a photo of this ship here: 6
Judith and Dwight1952McLean & Sons, JohnLong LinerBuilt for Capt. Grant Eisenhauer, Riverport NS. Launched Oct. 15, 1952Note 6
Lady Lynn II1952McLean & Sons, JohnLong LinerBuilt for Capt. Clyde Horton, Port Bickerton NS, Launched March 12, 1952Note 6
Linda Diane1954McLean & Sons, JohnLong LinerBuilt for George Kendall, North Sydney NS, Launched Nov. 4, 1954View a photo of this ship here: 6
Privateer1954McLean & Sons, JohnYachtBuilt for Paul Hessler Jr. of Wilmington Delaware, Launched Apr. 21, 1951 ( Bugeye Rigged Skipjack)View a photo of this ship here: 6
E. _ Roy1955Clarence R. HeislerLongliner48Built for someone with the surname of Roy – Exact year built unknown – likely built late 1950s
Felice1955McLean & Sons, JohnFreight BoatPassenger, Mail and Freight Boat Built for Consolidated Paper Co. Ltd., Montreal PQ, Launched May 30, 1955View a photo of this boat here: 6
Margaret Pauline1955McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt Leslie Wentzell of Oakland NS, Launched 24 May, 1955Note 6
Rascal1955Clarence R. HeislerYachtExact year of construction is unknown (c.1950-1959) – built for Ted HartshornView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
George III1956McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt. Charles Crew of Leonard Fisheries, North Sydney, NS, Launched Aug. 15, 1956Note 6
Isle Royale1956McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt. Philip Fudge of Leonard Fisheries Limited, North Sydney, NSLaunched May 2, 1956View a photo of this ship here: 6
Laura Ellen1956McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Calvin Keizer of First South NS, Launched March 24, 1955View a photo of this ship here: 6
Lenarfish1956McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt. Michael Lorrel of Leonard Fisheries, North Sydney NS, Launched June 20, 1956View a photo of this ship here: 6
Dorothy and Ruby1957McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for James Munden of Glace Bay, NS, Launched Nov. 3 1957Note 6
Jean Elizabeth1957McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt. Austin Fillmate of White Head NS, Launched Sept 10, 1957Note 6
Oran II1957McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Helston Goreham and Shirley Nickerson, Woods Harbour NS, Launched May 15, 1957View a photo of this ship here: 6
Unknown1957Clarence R. HeislerYachtBuilt for Roger Parents of Montreal – exact year unknown but must be before 1957 due to a dated photo of it thenView a photo of this boat here:
Ancient Mariner1958Clarence R. HeislerCabin Cruiser45Built for W.H. Schwartz in Halifax for entertaining clients, guests and for personal pleasure
View a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Leah Joanne1958McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner60Built for Capt. Turnes of North Sydney NS, Launched June 24, 1958Note 6
Unknown1958Clarence R. HeislerCrocker Design (Yacht)30Built for Ed Flewelling of New Brunswick -Exact year built unkown, late 1950s or early 1960sCecil Heisler
Margaret and Marion1959McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner50Built for Capt. Ralston Stewart of BC Packers Ltd, Clatks Hbr.NS, Launched April 22, 1959Note 6
The Rover1959McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner50Built for Capt. Percy Ross, BC Packers Ltd, Clarks Hbr. NS, Launched Dec. 16, 1959Note 6
Tommy and Jackie1959McLean & Sons, JohnLong Liner50Built for Capt. Enslow Ross of BC Packers Ltd. Clarks Hbr. NS, Launched Dec. 16, 1959Note 6
Scaigren1960Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Yacht30A Crocker Design yacht built for Dr. Ralph Manktelow of Toronto -Exact year built unknownView a photo ofthis boat here:
Sea Mist V1960Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Cruiser30Exact year built unknown
St. Charles II1960Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.LonglinerWent to Paddy Degras – perhaps for Sampson Fisheries -Exact year built unknownCecil Heisler
Wee Three1960Clarence R. HeislerUnknownBuil for Parker Beavers – Exact year unknown between 1955-1965
Blue Goose1962Clarence R. HeislerKetch or YawlUnknown date – likely built in 1960sView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Unknown1962Clarence R. HeislerStella Class Lap Strake Sloop26Built for Arthur Grant excat year unknown c.1962MBMS-65 Acc #2015.04.105Cecil Heisler
Blue Goose II1963Clarence R. HeislerKetch or Yawl Boat Magazine Website
Elizabeth Ann1963Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Scallop Dragger101Capt. Doug Koser -Shipname may be Elizabeth AnneView a photo of this ship here: Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Excellence1963Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Scallop Dragger91Capt. Jim HimmelmanJohn Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
James Lee1963Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Scallop Dragger104Owner Doug MoserJohn Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Jean N1963Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Scallop Dragger101Owner Doug MoserJohn Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Karen and Brothers1964Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
P J Lawrence1964Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.112John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Pazant Sisters1964Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.85John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Bonnie Lou1965Clarence R. HeislerLongliner60Exact year of construction is unknown c.1960 – 1969 – Built for Victor Sangster of Port BickertonCecil Heisler
Carribac1965Clarence R. HeislerDragger48Exact year of construction is unknown c.1960 – 1969 – Built for Jack Churchill and Vern Sallows, Port Maitland outside of Yarmouth, NSView a photo of this boat here:
Grampus1965Clarence R. HeislerCruiserBuilt for Gordie Weld of Halifax – Exact year built unknown late 1960s or early 1970s – Length is either 36 or 40ftView a photo of this boat here:
John Richard1965Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Judith R1965Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Maria D1965Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108Owner Doug MoserJohn Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
St. Charles III1965Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.LonglinerWent to Paddy Degras – perhaps for Sampson Fisheries -Exact year built unknownCecil Heisler
Unknown1965Clarence R. HeislerSloop30Exact year of construction unknown – License Number on the side of the boat is 12AZ48View a photo of this boat here:
Victoria R1965Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Arronta1966Clarence R. HeislerCrocker SloopView a photo of this boat here:
Kathern M1966Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.112Note 7
Kay Angela1966Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Herring Seiner108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Ross R1966Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.108John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Vair1966Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Long Liner90John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Brunswick 11967Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Herring Seiner112John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
James Thomkin1967Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.112John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Miquelon1967Clarence R. HeislerCarrier – power launch50Carrier for French Islands of St. Pierre and MiquelonView a photo of this boat here:
Moses Cody1967Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.112Note 7
West Wind1967Clarence R. HeislerYatch (Racing Yatch)33Built for Everett Knickle of Lunenburg
– Exact year is unknown 1965-1969
View a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Navicula1968Industrial Shipping Co. Ltd.65John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg, Note 7
Sea Bridge1971Clarence R. HeislerFishing Boat30Built for Roy Levy of Little Tancook & then sold to a Swiss family, and re-designed as a cruiser subsequently renamed Sea GooseView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Southern Drawl1971Clarence R. HeislerCruiser/Motor yacht46Built for Howard Holladay of Boston. Interior was luxurious with amenities such as TV, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer plus the latest navigation equipment.View a photo of this boat here:
Puffin1972Clarence R, HeislerCruiser/Sportsfisherman40Built for Mrs. J.N. Pew of Florida & Chester
Blue Mist (III)1974Clarence R. HeislerBuilt for Willis (Dandy) and Roy CrossFacebook comment via Cross family member
Fundy Star II1975Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Herring SeinerExact year built unknown – likely during the 1970s
Kalebar1975Clarence R. Heisler (& Son Ltd.)SchoonerBuilt for Captain Stanley from Pictou – Other names include "Malinda Jean" and "One Day"Cecil Heisler and Wooden Boat Magazine – See:
Kelly & Dawn1975Clarence R. Heisler (& Son Ltd.)Longliner60Went to Cheticamp – Exact year built unknown – likely c.1975View a photo of this boat here:
Rosie & Calvin1975Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Long Liner48Perhaps built for North Sydney Marine Railway – Exact year built unknownView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Muva1976Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Lap Strake Outboard Boat16Built for Helen Phinney of Baltimore and ChesterCecil Heisler
Pelican1979Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Cruiser/Sportsfisherman40Built for Mrs. J.N. Pew of Florida & Chester
Tara Lynn1983Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Work boat for the Boatyard30-32Last boat built by Clarence HeislerCecil Heisler
Crystal Marie1989Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Dragger45Built for Peter Zinck of BlandfordView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Pinnace1989Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Heritage Longboat28Built at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in LunenburgCecil Heisler
Adventure Lady1993Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Pleasure Boat33Built for John Risley. Exact year unknown – likely built between 1990 and 1995 – Used as transportation from Chester to East Ironbound Island. Unique construction: known as a bottom boat …when hauled on a slip it would support itself without falling over.
View a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Little Lady1993Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Row Boat16Built for John Risley along with the "Adventure Lady"- Exact year built unknown – likely built between 1990 and 1995
Rose Boat1995Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Row Boat14Traditional lapstrake row boat built for Sandra Irving, Saint John, NBView a photo of this boat here: Heisler
Swishtide1995Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Lap Strake sailing boatBuilt for Jill Newman-Spates – exact year built unknown – c.1995Cecil Heisler
46 North2000Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Cruiser36Built for Robert & Barbara Smith, MichiganView a photo of this boat here:
Unnamed2000Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Traditional Banking Dory19.5 ftBuilt for Brian Cross of Big Tancook Island
Unknown2000Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Lap Strake sailing boatBuilt for Helen Deprima – exact year unknown – c.2000Cecil Heisler
Virginia Marie2000Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Cruiser (Sport Fishing Cruiser)30Built for Beecher Hetland of North Carolina – registered to Ronda, N.C. – Exact year built unknown – likely c.2000View a photo of this boat here:
Unknown2001Clarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Tug type cruiser32Built for John J. Marine of Portland, Maine and designed by Charles Witholts (spelling?) -had to be built upside down due to cold mold methodCecil Heisler
M.M.S. 252UnknownMahone Bay Shipbuilding CompanyMinesweeperJohn McLean's yard produced fairmile patrol boats and minesweeper for the Department of National Defence under the Mahone Bay Shipbuilding CompanyView a photo of this ship here:
UnnamedUnknownClarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Arctic Whaler26 & 303 Arctic Whalers to be used as part of their ceremonial whale hunt, 2 x 26’whalers went to Pangnirtung and the other whaler which was 30’ in length went to Nunavut in the Arctic
Lloyd LangilleUnknown 1960sIndustrial Shipping Co. Ltd.John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg
Margorie and DorothyUnknown 1960sIndustrial Shipping Co. Ltd.Schooner130John Meisner, ABCO Lunenburg
MaleoClarence R. Heisler & Son Ltd.Tug Style322015.04.89 design drawing

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