The House

The museum building itself is a piece of history. Known as the Begin House,it was built around 1875 and features the infamous architectural detail called the Lunenburg Bump and an exquisite painted-ceiling.


Come in and learn about Mahone Bay’s deep seeded history in shipbuilding. One of the more prominent industries in the area, the shipbuilders of Mahone Bay constructed a variety of different sea crafts. Find out about the many shipyards that were established in the area and the ships that they made. See some of the… Read more »

The Begin Family

An exhibit exploring the Begin family, one of the Founding Families of Mahone Bay, and their connection to the Museum, the Bluenose, and the local community.

Settlement of the Foreign Protestants

Our Museum features the history of the first settlers in our area. This exhibit tells the story of who came here in the 1750s and why. It also explains about their difficult journey here from over seas and the early years in Mahone Bay, settled in 1754 by “Foreign Protestants”. A large percentage of which… Read more »

Inglis/Quinlan Collection: Ceramics and Antiques

This very elaborate collection of china was collected by Percy Inglis, whose family was among the first settlers here in Mahone Bay. It is comprised of antiques and tablewares typical of 18th and 19th century Mahone Bay. Items include beautiful Wedgwood bowls, willow-ware platters, photographs, hooked rugs, and an antique clock belonging to one of… Read more »