Archival Collection

We have been hard at work processing some of our archival holdings during the winter months!

Archival work completed in 2022 was funded by the Provincial Archival Development Program.

Archival work from 2015 to 2020 was completed thanks to the funding we received from grants from the Government of Canada and Library and Archives Canada.

Au cours des cinq dernières années, nous avons travaillé avec nos fonds d’archives durant les mois d’hiver grâce au financement que nous avons reçu de subventions du gouvernement du Canada et de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Si vous cherchez quelque chose dans notre collection d’archives et ne parle pas anglais, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à et notre personnel bilingue pourra vous aider.

We’re sharing a selection of images from our photo collections here on our website and on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

However, if you would prefer NOT to use social media:
Click here to view Church photos (last updated March 31, 2020)
Click here to view Military photos (last updated March 31, 2020)
Click here to view Ships, Shipbuilding, and Sawmill photos(last updated March 19, 2019)
Click here to view Street Views and Buildings photos (last updated March 31, 2020)
Click here to view Transportation photos (last updated March 19, 2019)
Click here to view Mystery Photos (part 1) of unidentified people/places (processed 2016-2017)
Click here to view Mystery Photos (part 2) 
of unidentified people/places (processed 2017-2018)
Click here to view Mystery Photos (part 3) of unidentified people/places (processed 2018-2019)

Only a selection of archival photos have been scanned. Click one of the collections below for a description, including detailed lists of large collections of photos (MBMS-1, MBMS-14, MBMS-24, and MBMS-25).

 Full List of Archival Holdings

Archives related to Founding Families of Mahone Bay:
-Andrews NEW as of 2022 Andrews Family – John Alexander Andrews
 – Helen M. (Begin) Slauenwhite
-Burgoyne Marjorie (Burgoyne) Rice, Burgoyne family
-Eisenhaur –  Carriage Factory,  James A. Eisenhaur, Eva (Eisenhauer) Zwicker
-Ernst –  Ernst-Zwicker Family, Ernst-Balcom Family, Murray P. Ernst
-Hamm – Obed A. Ham,  Edith Hamm Henry Emanuel Ham fonds NEW as of 2022
-Hirtle –  Warren H.G. Hirtle and Merna Myra (Frank) Hirtle
-Hyson –  Herbert Reginald Hyson
-Joudrey –  Minnie Leone (Joudrey) Hutt
-Keddy –  Kenneth A. Keddy Verna Belle Keddy NEW, and Verna (Keddy) Russo List of Photos in V. (Keddy) Russo
-Lantz J.E. Lantz Store (George E. Joudrey) Coming soon! Lantz family collection
-Mader –  C.U. Mader Family, Mary C. (Strum) Mader
-Slaunewhite Helen M. (Begin) Slauenwhite, George Albert Slaunwhite
-Strum –  Mary C. (Strum) Mader
-Westhaver George Alfred Westhaver
-Zwicker –  Ernst-Zwicker Family, Eva (Eisenhauer) Zwicker, John H. Zwicker, George Zwicker, Inglis & Quinlan Family Collection

Archives related to Mahone Bay Area Organizations and Businesses:
– Blacksmithing – Henry Emanuel Ham fonds (MBMS-73) – NEW as of 2022
Blockhouse Branch Nova Scotia Womens Institute (MBMS-26)
Carriage Factory (MBMS-19)
Green Shutters (MBMS-28)
John McLean & Sons Collection (MBMS-5)
Kinburn Boot and Shoe Company (MBMS-31)
Mader Mining Company (MBMS-12)
Mahone Bay Agricultural Society (MBMS-8)
Mahone Bay Board of Trade (MBMS-32)
Mahone Machine Compay Ltd. (MBMS-11)
Mahone Bay Soldiers Monument Committee (MBMS-30)
Masonic Lodge (MBMS-58)
Nugold Mining (Robert A. Wynot) (MBMS-71) – NEW as of 2022
Nova Scotia Women's Institutes, Indian Point Branch (MBMS-7)
Oakland School (MBMS-56)
Royal Hotel (MBMS-74) – NEW and Arleen Lenore Spidle – (MBMS-54) – see photo of hotel HERE
– Town map – Orren S. Joudrey (MBMS-57)
Union Church, Indian Point (MBMS-51)

Archives related to Shipbuilding
Ben S. Verburgh (MBMS-45)
John McLean & Sons Collection (MBMS-5)
H. Gerald Stairs (MBMS-47)
Obed A. Ham (MBMS-55)
Schooner City Queen (MBMS-49)
Schooner Bessie L. (MBMS-50)
Gordon D. Ernst Collection (MBMS-63) related to John McLean & Sons
Clarence R. Heisler & Son (MBMS-65)

Photograph collections:
Photographic Backlog Collection (MBMS-14) –  List of Photos in Backlog Collection
Marie Best (MBMS-24) –  List of Photos in Marie Best Collection
Hunt Family
George Silver
 (no Silver family photos) (MBMS-61)
Inglis & Quinlan Family Collection (MBMS-1)

Other Archives:
Inglis & Quinlan Family Collection (MBMS-1)
Edward Alexander "Ned" Harris (MBMS-13)
Effie Matchett (MBMS-15)
Duncan-Hayes Family (MBMS-2)
Cienciva Family (MBMS-20)
Muriel (Mason) DeLong (MBMS-21)
Thomas G. Nicol (MBMS-22)
Nathaniel Hebb (MBMS-23)
Ralph Moyle Thomas (MBMS-34)
Ruth Agnes Wright (MBMS-36)
Helen C. Hayford (MBMS-40)
W.M. Kerr (MBMS-41)
Frank Elam Garber (MBMS-42)
Alice M. Hagen (MBMS-43)
Anthony Thickpenny (MBMS-44)
Maritime Manufacturers & Contractors Ltd. (MBMS-48)
Arleen Lenore Spidle (MBMS-54)
Joan Foran Collection (MBMS-64) – Local Researcher’s collection of town history

Please contact us at 902-624-6263 or email for more information on how to access these materials on-site/off-site.